General Information Regarding Rules

DropStream features a robust custom rules engine that allows you to tailor your integration to match unique workflows. Taking time to create rules can increase efficiency and automation in the fulfillment process. 

DropStream features two types of rules: Transformer Rules and Filter Rules

Transformer Rules transform specific details of an order in order to facilitate seamless integration between the e-commerce platform and fulfillment. For example: a Transformer Rule can be written to map all orders with "free shipping" to be sent "USPS - Priority Mail".

Filter Rules create parameters by which an order may be filtered out and not sent to fulfillment. By default, all orders are accepted. A Filter Rule creates the conditions by which an order will not be accepted. For example: a Filter Rule may be written so that when an order's "Billing Country" equals "UK", that order is filtered out and not sent to fulfillment. 

To start creating rules see the Creating Order Shipping Description Transformer Rule article. 

For guidelines on how best to order rules and learning how to edit or delete rules, see the Reordering, Editing, and Deleting Rules article.