Skubana - Gathering API Credentials from Skubana - For PackageBee Warehouse Connector

To enable API access to your Skubana account, the following task must be completed and detail must be gathered from Skubana:

1. Create New User in Skubana
2. Gather the Warehouse Name

Gathering API Credentials from Skubana

Creating New User in Skubana

The first step is to create a new user in Skubana with the necessary access levels. To create the new user:
  • Login to Skubana

  • Go to Settings > User Administration


  • Add New User


  • Check the box for Skubana Apps

  • Click Save. The new user will be invited to create a new password. Retain the Username and Password

Gathering Warehouse Name

To gather the Warehouse Name:
  1. Login to Skubana

  2. Click Settings > Warehouses

  3. Gather the Warehouse Name