Uploading Carrier Codes

You can add and edit your Carrier Codes at anytime in DropStream in the Account Settings. To add or edit your Carrier Codes:
  1. From the DropStream dashboard click your Account Name in the upper right, then click Account Settings

  2. Click Warehouse Management System

  3. Click Carrier Codes

  4. Your current carrier codes will be shown. DropStream allows you to use 3 fields to describe your carrier codes. 

    Carrier = Name the Carrier (This is a free form field)

    Description = Human language description meant to communicate what this code actually means. (This is a free form field)

    WMS Carrier Code = This is the code taken directly from your WMS.
  5. There are 2 ways to add new carrier codes. You can add them in bulk via file upload, or one at a time directly.

  6. To bulk upload, create .csv file with the fields (Carrier, Code, Description) then upload. Note the option to replace everything with the new file, or keep what is there and add the new file as well.

  7. To add one at a time, simply enter information in the required fields.