Testing a Store Integration

After enabling the Store Integration, orders will be automatically imported from the e-commerce system and sent to your warehouse management system. When an integration is first enabled, you will want to monitor the first set of orders to verify that they are entering your system correctly.

Testing can be performed on test orders or real orders:
  • Processing Test Orders - Most e-commerce systems allow the admin to create orders. We recommend that the merchant create two test orders from within their e-commerce system, and you process these dummy orders using dummy tracking information.

  • Processing Real Orders - Once an integration is Enabled, DropStream will automatically pull in live real orders and send them to your WMS. You can process these real orders as normal. 

Testing the Integration

To test an integration:

  1. Verify that orders are entering DropStream correctly from the e-commerce system

  2. Verify that orders are entering your WMS correctly from DropStream

  3. Process the Orders including marking them Shipped in the WMS and adding any tracking information

  4. Once the Order has been processed, Verify that the e-commerce system has been updated along with any tracking information

Updating Intervals

Information is gathered at scheduled intervals:

  • E-Commerce - Orders are pulled from carts every 15 minutes and sent to WMS.

  • WMS - Processing information is pulled from WMS every 4 hours and sent to carts. 

When testing, please allow enough time to pass for orders to complete the relay from cart to WMS to cart. 

Reviewing Order Statuses

Each e-commerce system will have its own unique set of order statuses available.

To view order statuses, search for your relevant article in the DropStream Support Center in the Reviewing Order Status Section.