Amazon Marketplace - Gathering API Credentials

In order to enable API Access, the following credentials must be gathered:
  • Merchant ID
  • Marketplace ID
  • Merchant Token
  • Authorization Token

Gathering Merchant ID & Marketplace ID

DropStream supports accounts registered in either the NA or EU regions.

To gather these credentials, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to: 

2. Click the specific developer site that corresponds to where the user account was registered to navigate to that developer site. For example, if the account was registered in Canada, then you would select

3. Click the Sign up for MWS button, login to Amazon seller central if required.

4. On the Amazon Marektplace Web Services page, click the radio button next to I want to use an application to access my Amazon seller account with MWS. 

5. Enter Dropstream for the Application Name and 5959-1916-0995​ for the Application's Developer Account Number​ for the NA Region and 3125-6796-3826 for the EU Region.


Region Application Name Developer Account #
NA Dropstream 5959-1916-0995
EU Dropstream 3125-6796-3826

6. Take note of the Merchant ID, and Marketplace ID

Gathering Merchant Token

To gather the merchant token:
  1. Login to your Amazon Marketplace administration panel.

  2. Click Settings > Account Info

  3. Under the heading Your Merchant Token, take note of the Merchant Token