PrestaShop - Gathering API Credentials

In order to enable API Access, the following credentials must be gathered:
  • Store URL
  • API Key

Gathering Store URL

The Store URL is the URL of your PrestaShop Store

Gathering API Key

To generate the API Key:
  1. Login to the PrestaShop admin panel

  2. Click Advanced Parameters > Webservice

  3. Click the Add new webservice key button

  4. Click Generate button to create a new API Key

  5. Retain the API Key

  6. Check the resource permissions show in the Webservice API Key Resource Permissions table

    Resource Permissions
    addresses View
    carriers View
    combinations View
    countries View
    customers View
    order_states View
    orders View, Modify
    products View
    states View
    stock_availables View, Modify