NetSuite - Gathering API Credentials

In order to enable API Access, the following credentials must be gathered:
  • Role ID
  • NetSuite Account ID
  • NetSuite Location ID

Gathering Role ID

To gather the Role ID, follow the instructions to Allow API Access to NetSuite and during the process retain the Role ID when you set a specific default role.

Gathering NetSuite Account ID

To gather the NetSuite Account ID:
  1. From within NetSuite Admin, click Setup > Integration > Web Services Preferences

  2. The Account ID is displayed under the heading ACCOUNT ID 

Gathering NetSuite Location ID

The Location ID is an optional parameter which is only used when Multi-Location Inventory feature is enabled.

There should be a single location to represent inventory in the third-party fulfillment center.
  1. From NetSuite Admin, click Setup > Company > Locations

  2. Click View next to the location

  3. The Location ID is displayed under the heading INTERNAL ID
    The numerical ID is the parameter that will be entered into DropStream