Rakuten - Enabling Inventory Tracking

The Rakuten integration supports Inventory Tracking. The following steps are required to enable Inventory Tracking:
  1. Provisioning the Products
  2. Preparing the File
  3. Adding the Details
  4. Uploading the Files

Provisioning the Products

To provision the products:
  1. Navigate to the following URL:

  2. http://www.rakuten.com/loc/Marketplace-Documents-for-New-SKU-Feeds/67031.html

  3. Click on Click here to get the inventory feed template

  4. Download the Inventory Feed Template (excel)

  5. Click on Click here to get the inventory feed specifications to obtain the batch file format for the template.

Preparing the File

Specific steps must be followed to correctly prepare the file:
  1. Download the Excel file.

  2. Delete the first line in the file.

  3. Add the details of your product listings.

Adding the Details

To add the details of the product listing(s) you can use the product listing export download feature. To use the export download feature:
  1. From the Rakuten Admin Dashboard click Manage Products > Download Listings

  2. Click on Request Export Download

  3. Wait for processing to complete and refresh the page. This will generate a file which can be used to prepare the product listings inventory feed. You should use the contents of this file as a guide when preparing your own product listings inventory feed. Ensure that your file is made in accordance with the Inventory Feed Specifications document.

Uploading the File

Once the file is prepared it must be uploaded to the Rakuten FTP. To upload to the FTP:
  1. If working with an Excel file click File > Save As

  2. For the format, select Tab Delimited Text

  3. Ensure that the file has the .template extension.

  4. Use your FTP client with Rakuten FTP credentials to login to the Rakuten FTP server.

  5. Access the inventory directory and upload the .template file (root inventory directory).

Note: The template file must be in a tab delimited format.

Note: DropStream to send the inventory listing feed to the Rakuten site each time product quantities need to be updated.