Infusionsoft - Enabling Custom Fields

The Infusionsoft integration supports Custom Fields. Enabling Custom Fields include the following steps:
  1. Creating Custom Fields in Infusionsoft
  2. Configuring Custom Fields in DropStream

Creating Custom Fields in Infusionsoft
To create the custom fields in Infusionsoft:
  1. From the main navigation in Infusionsoft, click on the Admin Settings

  2. For Set up custom fields for, select Order

  3. Click on Go

  4. Click Add next to the Field dropdown.

  5. Provide a name for the field and select Field type as "Text."

  6. Click on save this field.

  7. Click on View the field database names (for the API).


  8. Retain the Database Name. This is the value that needs to be added to DropStream.

Configuring Custom Field in DropStream

To configure the custom fields:
  1. Go to you Infusionsoft Store in DropStream

  2. Click Actions > Settings


  3. In Connection Details, enter the Database Names for the custom fields, exactly as they appear in Infusionsoft for Tracking Number Field, and Shipment Date Field.


  4. Click the blue Add Store / Save Changes button