Infusionsoft - Gathering API Credentials

In order to enable API Access to Infusionsoft, the following credentials must be gathered:
  • Application Name
  • Admin Username & Password

Gathering Application Name

To gather the application name:
  1. Navigate to your Infusionsoft site.

  2. Copy the subdomain for the URL of the Infusionsoft admin panel (the part of the domain that occurs before "").

Gathering Admin Username and Password

To gather the credentials:
  1. Login to your Infusionsoft administration panel, navigate to the Admin Module.

  2. Click Users > Add User.

  3. On the Add User(s) screen, enter the user details.


  4. Click the Send Email Invitation​ button.

Note: It is recommended the new Infusionsoft staff member retain Administration at least until the integration process is complete.