Magento - Gathering API Credentials

In order to enable API Access to Magento, the following credentials must be gathered:

  • Web Service Username
  • API Key
  • Store URL
  • Note on WSDL

Gathering Web Service Username

To gather the credentials:
  1. Login to your Magento administration panel

  2. Click System > Web Services (SOAP) Roles. Click the Add New Role button. 


  3. Define the Role Name as Administrator. Click the Save Role button.


  4. On the Edit Role 'Administrator' screen, under the Role Information heading, click Role Resources. For the field Resource Access, change the selection to All. Click the Save Role button. 


  5. Click System > Web Services (SOAP) Users. Click the Add New User button.

  6. Enter the Account Information details. Take note of the User Name and API Key. Click the Save User button.


  7. On the New User Screen, under the User Information heading, click User Role. Click the radio button next to the Administrator Role Name. Click the Save User button.

Gathering API Key

The API Key is the API Key (password) of the Web Service Role created above. 

Gathering Store URL

The Store URL that needs to be added to DropStream is the root URL of your Magento store.

Gathering the Store View Code

The Store View Code is an optional feature to be utilized for multi-site/multi-store Magento installations. If entered into DropStream, only orders from the given store will be imported. To find the Store View Code in Magento go to System > Manage Stores 


Note on WSDL Cache

To increase the performance of the standard Magento API, it is recommend to enable the WSDL Cache setting:
  • Login to your Magento administration panel

  • Click System > Configuration > Magento Core API. Set Enable WSDL Cache to Yes

  • Store URL that needs to be added to DropStream is the root URL of your Magento store.

Ensuring the login procedure is present

If the error "Procedure 'login' not present" occurs, the error can usually be fixed by making the following change on your Magento server. Login into your Magento Admin Panel and go to the following location.

System -> Configuration -> Magento Core API ->  WS-I Compliance. Mark that setting as OFF.

That should fix the “Procedure ‘login’ not present” error