3DCart - Creating Custom Order Status

It is possible to create a custom order status in 3DCart. A custom order status can be used to customize workflows, or to add a manual process into the workflow. (For example, a status called "Ready for Fulfillment" could be used to initiate order transmission to DropStream. This will enable manual verification to take place before orders are sent to DropStream. )

To create a custom order status in 3DCart:

  1. From the 3DCart Dashboard, click on Settings > General > Store Settings

  2. Scroll down to Order Status


  1. Click on Edit Order Status

  2. Enter Ready for Fulfillment as a custom order status

  1. Ensure that there is a checkmark for Visible

  2. Save Settings


Configure Custom Order Setting in DropStream

For the new custom order status to take effect, you must configure the custom setting. To configure the setting:
  1. ​Go to your 3DCart Store in DropStream

  2. Click Actions > Settings


  3. In Connection Details, Select "Ready for Fulfillment" from the drop down menu


  4. Click the blue Add Store / Save Changes button

Note: Now DropStream will only import orders with this custom status.