WooCommerce - Configuring SKUs

Stock keeping units (SKU) are merchant defined codes used to uniquely identify products in a warehouse. It is critical that the SKUs defined in WooCommerce match exactly to the SKUs loaded into your warehouse management system.

To configure SKUs in WooCommerce:
  1. ​From within WooCommerce, Click on Products

  2. Edit the product of choice

  3. Scroll down to Product Data. The SKU number can be defined under the General Settings tab

    Note: Uniqueness is not enforced for WooCommerce SKU numbers. Care should be taken not to create duplicate SKUs.

    Note: If you will be using product variations, leave the parent SKU blank and only enter a SKU for the child variation. DropStream will pull the parent SKU first and then append the child SKU. If the parent SKU is blank, only the child SKU will be pulled.

    Note: DropStream supports the following product types for WooCommerce:

    a. Simple
    b. Variable

    Note: DropStream does not support Composite Products