Adobe Business Catalyst - Enabling Inventory Tracking

Inventory tracking is available with the Adobe Business Catalyst integration. DropStream can send a tracking number to Business Catalyst to apply to orders that are processed by DropStream. The tracking number is used to track the status of an order that is being shipped. You will need to create a custom field in Adobe Business Catalyst to apply tracking numbers to orders. 

Complete the following steps to enable inventory tracking for Adobe Business Catalyst:
  1. Creating Tracking Number in Adobe Business Catalyst
  2. Configuring Tracking Number
  3. Viewing Tracking Number
  4. Note on Inventory Control
  5. Note Product Variations 

Creating Tracking Number in Adobe Business Catalyst

To create the tracking number field in Business Catalyst:
  1. From within Business Catalyst, click CRM > Extend CRM Database

  2. Click on Add CRM Form

  3. Enter Tracking Number as the CRM Form Name

  4. Click on Next

  5. Click on Add Field

  6. Provide the Field name, as it will be entered into System (must match exactly)

  7. Select Field Type as Text String

  8. Click Next

  9. Apply to the Orders entity

Configure Tracking Number
After creating the Tracking number, configure the number in DropStream. To configure the tracking number:
  1. Go to your Adobe Business Catalyst Store in DropStream

  2. Click Actions > Settings


  3. Enter Tracking Number Field Name in Connection Details


  4. Click the blue Add Store / Save Changes button

Note: the Tracking Number Field Name must match exactly with the custom field created in Business Catalyst.

Viewing the Tracking Number

After the configuration is made, the Tracking Number field will appear under custom fields setup for the orders entity. 

Note on Inventory Control

Once the Integration is is enabled, Inventory Control sync will be automatically enabled. 

Note on Product Variations

Orders with product variations can be imported and processed. However, at this time, Inventory Levels for products with variations will not be automatically updated.