Creating Order Attribute Filter Rule

About Order Attribute Filter Rule

The Order Attribute Filter allows you to filter out certain orders that contain specified characteristics. (Example: When an order's Billing Country Equals UK, remove order from the fulfillment workflow).

The Order Attribute Filter Rule will remove orders from the standard order fulfillment workflow if the configured criteria results in a true value. Below are the parameters for this rule:

  • Attribute Name - A select list of attributes of an order which can be used to filter. Example: Shipping Country.

  • Compares - Specifies how the rule should compare the order attribute to the actually order attributes' value. (Examples: "Is", "Contains", "Matches" )

  • Value - The order attributes' value. (Example: US)

If you choose to compare an attribute with "Matches", the value must match exactly. For example matching the description "USPS Priority" will only match with "USPS Priority". "USPSPriority" or "usps priority" will not match. 

Creating Order Attribute Filter Rule

To create a new Order Attribute Filter Rule:

1. Open the desired Store

2. Click Actions > Settings


3. Click the Rules tab


4. Click Add a Rule


5. Give your rule a descriptive name and click +ADD ACTION

6. From the dropdown for "Select action to perform" select Filter Orders


7. Enter custom rule values. Then click OK. Then click Save Changes.