Creating Order Attribute Prefix/Suffix Transformer Rule

About the Order Attribute Format Transformer Rule

The Order Attribute Format Transformer allows you to append prefixes and suffixes to order attributes. (Example: you can create a rule to prepend the "Order Id" with "INV-"). The Parameters for this rule are:

  • Attribute Name - A select list of attributes of an order which can be used to filter. (Example: Shipping Country)

  • Prefix - The value prepended to the beginning of the original attribute value. (Example: INV-)

  • Suffix - The value appended to end of the original attribute value. (Example: 000)

Creating Order Attribute Format Transformer Rule

To add a new Order Attribute Format Transformer:

1. Open the desired Store

2. Click Actions > Settings

3. Click the Rules tab

4. Click Add a Rule

5. Name your rule, click +Add Action, then select Add prefix/suffix to order attribute 

6. Enter the value you want assigned as the prefix and/or suffix (leave a field blank if no value needs to be added) and select the order attribute to assign the value to.

7. Enter custom values and click Save Changes