Creating Shipping Description Mapping Rule

About the Order Shipping Description Mapping Rule

An Order Shipping Description Mapping Rule is a requirement that maps the shipping descriptions in your e-commerce system to the shipping methods available at your fulfillment provider. (Example: Offer "Free Shipping" to shoppers, and then map that to "USPS - Priority Mail" at your fulfillment provider so they know how to ship the package.)

An Order Shipping Description Mapping Rule will apply warehouse management system carrier code to an order based on the mapping configured with this rule. 

Note: This rule must be created to automate fulfillment

Gathering Shipping Methods from Cart

Before creating this rule, gather the available shipping methods from your e-commerce system. Search for your relevant article by e-commerce system in the DropStream Support Center in the Gathering Shipping Methods Section
  • Enter "[Cart] Shipping" in the search field:

Creating Order Shipping Description Mapping Rule

To add a new Order Shipping Description Mapping:

1. Open the desired store.

2. Click Actions > Settings


3. Click the Rules tab


4. Click Add a Rule

5. Define a name for the rule, then click the Add Action button, then select the action Shipping Transformer

6. Enter the shipping description that you wish to map exactly as it appears in PackageBee for orders


7. Click EDIT next to THEN and select the shipping method that this shipping description should be mapped to.

8. Once you have selected the shipping method, click OK and then click Save changes.