Creating Order Item Attribute Filter Rule

About the Order Item Attribute Filter Rule

The Order Item Attribute Filter allows you to remove line items from an order. (Example: When an order item's Product SKU Equals ABC, remove item from the order.) This rule will remove line items from an order if the configured criteria results in a true value, the Parameters for this rule are: 
  • Attribute - A select list of attributes of an order which can be used to filter. (Example: Product SKU)

  • Comparsion - Specifies how the rule should compare the specific order item's attribute to the value you provide. (Example: Is)

  • Value - The order item attributes' value. (Example: ABC)

  • Regular Expression - You (This option should only be used by advanced users.)

Creating Order Item Attribute Filter Rule

To add a new Order Item Attribute Filter:
1. Open the desired Store

2. Click Actions > Settings


3. Click the Rules tab

4. Click Add a Rule

5. Click + Add Action

6. Select Filter order items from the Rule Category option list.

7. Click Edit in the top left corner of the For Every Order Item box.


8. Select Compare Order Item Attribute from the If drop down menu.

9. Enter custom values and click Save Changes