About Order Rules

DropStream features a robust custom rules engine that allows you to tailor your integration to your unique workflows. Customize your integrations by creating rules that alter or translate values exported from the e-commerce system and allow those values to correspond to existing processes within your warehouse management system. You can create custom Order Rules on a per Store basis, and have them only apply to that Store. When orders from that Store are processed, DropStream will automatically apply the configured rules.

Rule Categories and Types

There are four main Rule Categories in DropStream. Each Rule Category has one or more Rule Type. Below is a list of Rule Categories:

  • Order Filter - Order Filters allow you to remove orders from this workflow.

  • Order Item Filter - Order Item filters scan an order line items allowing you to remove specific items before an order is sent to the configured fulfillment center.

  • Order Transformer - Order Transformers modify portions of an order allowing you to translate terms from your cart to your fulfillment provider and vice versa.

  • Order Item Transformer - Order Item Transformers modify portions of an order item allowing you to translate terms from your cart to your fulfillment provider and vice versa.

Creating Order Rules

To create a new Order Rule:

  1. Open the desired store

  2. Click Actions > Settings

  3. Click the Rules tab


  4. Click Add a Rule


  5. Select Rule Type


  6. Enter custom values to create rule

  7. Click the blue Save Changes button

Search for relevant rules in the DropStream Support Center in the Creating Order Rules Section

Required Order Rule

The Order Shipping Description Transformer Rule must be created for each integration. This rule maps the Shipping Descriptions that the Merchant makes available to shoppers in the e-commerce store to the Shipping Methods available in your warehouse management system. 

View this article to Create Order Shipping Description Transformer Rule